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Lamik Beauty

Last fall when my husband and I were at Haute-lanta Fashion Week, we (or I did!) took time to stop at one of the booths, Lamik Beauty, to take a look. While I was there, they told me I could get a complimentary make-up touch-up. While I was getting my make-up touched up by Shalawn, she told me that it was the first eco-chic makeup brand. So that all the makeup is natural but also the packaging is all recyclable. I was very intrigued by this and the makeup felt really good (so did the gloss that I bought!) that I made an appointment to get a full complimentary make-up done the following weekend.

The following weekend one of my good friends and I went to downtown Atlanta to Lamik to meet with the lovely Shalawn again to get our makeup done again and learn more about this brand. Shalawn was so fantastic and just a pleasure to work with! She did all our makeup for us and showed us what colors looked best, etc. Here are some pictures that I took of us and the product while we were there. 

I had a great time talking to Shalawn about Lamik. She has been in the beauty business for many years. She came from Bobbi Brown to work at Lamik because of the eco-friendliness. Lamik was founded because the creator, Kim Roxie, had a friend who had developed a left lung deficiency due to the polybutene found in lip gloss. So Kim knew she had to start creating something healthy for her and her friends to use. That’s where Lamik comes into play. It’s a great brand and I love my lipgloss! Obsessed with all their colors actually! Call Shalawn and told her I sent you! 🙂

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