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Atlanta’s first White Christmas since 1882

For those of you that have lived here your entire life, you know that Atlantans are not accustomed to snow. As a matter of fact, they tend to freak out about it. You probably also know that we got snow yesterday. It’s the first white Christmas in Atlanta since 1882.

My Hubby, our last year in Illinois- February 2007

I grew up in Illinois. Snow is not something that amazes me…as a matter of fact, it’s something that drives me bonkers. I hate snow However, it seems the snow has followed me because it has snowed in the Atlanta area every year since we moved here in 2007. I feel slightly shafted. But I digress…

Snow is more fun now that I have kids and those kids really LOVE the snow and playing in it. They didn’t care that it was only an inch of snow…all they cared about was that there was snow at all. They stood outside with their faces turned to the sky and their tongues stuck out so they could taste snow {Yum…Smog!}.

Merry Christmas, Atlanta!

I hope you all stayed safe and had an amazing white Christmas.

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