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Zoo Atlanta

This past Saturday, my family set out on one of our favorite adventures – visiting Zoo Atlanta. My girls are huge animal fanatics (they watch Go! Diego, Go! constantly) and they adore the zoo. Next year, I think we’re definitely going to invest in the family season pass. It’s only $99 and that’s less than just going to the zoo twice, which is definitely not a problem. Seriously…$99 for unlimited access to the zoo all year long? I see no problem here.

They have a new baby giraffe – So cute! She was still huge, but up against the other giraffes, she was downright tiny. Aren’t giraffes funny creatures? Crazy tongues, long necks and very strange walks. My oldest daughter absolutely loves giraffes, so this is always on our list when we go to the zoo.

Baby Giraffe @ Zoo Atlanta

My kids also adore the petting zoo. Those stinky goats and lazy pigs are somehow like magnets for my children. But, if it makes them happy and there’s a handwashing station nearby then I’m okay with it.

Petting Zoo Fun

Basically, the zoo is a good time and if you haven’t been in awhile, it’s time you go. The pandas, the meerkats, the warthog…all adorable. My advice to you? Go when it’s a bit cooler outside. If you go when it’s too hot, you’ll just find a bunch of sleeping animals that don’t want to be out in the sun sweating their fur off.

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