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Surviving long drives with toddlers

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned this weekend, it’s that long drives with toddlers can be really tiring. We drove about an hour and fifteen minutes over to North Georgia Premium Outlets for their Labor Day sale. The girls were super-jazzed up and refused to sleep for the entire ride (no nap at all that day) so we had to be ready for the trip. Here are a few things that we always do when going on a long trip with the girls…

  1. Pack drinks and snacks. The hubby always packs a small cooler with at least four juice boxes (one for each of the girls coming and going) and a small snack…Maybe a banana or some animal crackers. This does us very well when they start complaining that they’re thirsty or hungry and means we won’t have to stop on the way to pick up these things.
  2. Get a portable DVD player. One of the greatest strokes of luck we ever had was to get our new van that already had a DVD player installed. Best. Thing. Ever. The girls can just veg out and watch Dora while we navigate the traffic and get to our destination.
  3. Drive during naptime. If you can arrange it, do the majority of your driving during the kids’ naptime so they can just fall asleep during the ride. This doesn’t always work (see my initial statement) but it’s still worth a try, right?

I know there are lots of other great ideas to keep your kids happy on long drives, but this is what we normally do on our relatively local trips. How do you handle longer drives or even multi-day roadtrips?

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