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Childhood Opportunities

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When I was a kid, I wanted to dance, be in sports, do all of the things that it seemed children my age did. But, I was raised by a single mother (and later a dictator step-father) who simply couldn’t afford to send me to the classes that would be required. So, I sat out. I have never been to dance class. I have never excelled at a sport. I have never been to soccer camp, cheerleading camp or any other camp (unless you count church camp one summer).

Because of my lack of involvement as a child, I swore that when I had chidren, they would have every opportunity that I could possibly give them to find their passion in life – whether it be sports, dance, gymnastics, art, etc. Whatever they wanted to explore, I would allow it. It’s because of that promise to myself that I now have two little ballerinas.
My oldest daughter has actually been taking Choi Kwang Do (offered through Choi Kwang Do International at her daycare and many others) for several months. She has a white belt with an orange stripe (which is her third belt) and loves it. She is an awesome little martial artist and I love watching her participate and listen to her instructor so well. We were happy that she was happy and her little sister would be big enough to join her soon.
Then the daycare began offering tap/ballet classes (through Creative Movement and Dance) every Wednesday. They only had one little girl enrolled for the first class, so they let some others come in for a “trial” class. My oldest daughter was so happy and immediately asked if she could go to ballet class and if I would buy her ballet shoes (her words, not mine). So, a few hours and a few hundred dollars later, I had everything we would need to get her into ballet class – the leotard, tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes (it’s a tap/ballet class).
Perfect, right?
Because now my youngest is in jealousy mode and looked absolutely heartbroken that she couldn’t do all that big sister was doing. So, the youngest went to a trial ballet class last week and will be trying out Choi Kwang Do this week. Imagine that.
To be honest, I don’t think my youngest is mentally (or physically) ready to do something like ballet. Her feet do not move that way yet. But, I have a strong belief that she will be amazing at Choi Kwang Do. She already imitates her sister’s movements with near perfection and she loves to hit stuff. This could work out well for all of us. I just don’t think I’m going to enroll her in ballet yet. She’s too young and she simply isn’t the girly girl that her sister is. But, as I said, I will give her every opportunity to try out whatever she feels drawn to.
Wish me luck.

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