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V-Day Thoughts From Your Friends At Yelp Atlanta

By bengetz

If love is truly in the air... breath it in and make your Valentine's Day a good one by knocking the socks off of your loved ones with an edible gift, fancy night out, or a massage. So, if you can score the ever sought-after sitter to watch the kiddos and/or grab some time with your spouse befo... Read More

The Day I Almost Broke Down

By meredithatwood

Recently, I almost had an official nervous breakdown.  The key word is almost. The whole thing started with the morning wake-up.  The children (ages 5 and 6) refusing to get out of bed.  Me, standing in the hallway, broken-record style, "Get up. Wake up. Rise and Shine. Time to get up."  I s... Read More

Sometimes (Okay, Lots of Times) Things Don't Happen As Planned

By meredithatwood

I am not a thin girl.  I am what some would call "fat" and others would call "fluffy" or perhaps, "plus-sized."  Some would say, "you are athletic" or "don't you have the prettiest face."  Regardless, I am a woman plus more.   Only, I'm not really plus-sized, because I can sometimes wear jeans f... Read More

5 Ways To Have Affordable Fun With Kids At Georgia’s State Parks

By MiniTime

Southern families on the lookout for an affordable getaway will find plenty of options in Georgia’s state parks. Whether you want to camp in a tent, go glamping in a yurt or stay at a full-service inn, there is an array of accommodation options as well as myriad kid-friendly activities that won’... Read More

5 Free Things To Do In Atlanta With Kids

By MiniTime

The key to planning an affordable city vacation is sprinkling in a few free kid-friendly activities. We asked Sue Rodman, a family travel blogger at, to share five fabulous and free ways that families can enjoy her hometown of Atlanta. Here are her recommendations for 5 free th... Read More

5 Tips for Selecting a Great Dog Sitter

By Jane Warren

You want to give your dog the very best, from the best dog crate bedding to the best toys and food, to the best possible dog sitter for when you are away from home. A dog sitter is more than someone who just comes to your home to give your dog food and water, and take him out for a walk a few times... Read More

Clean Home, Healthy Pets – The Best Natural Cleaning Solutions

By Jane Warren

Everyone wants to keep a clean house, especially pet owners, who have to clean up after dogs who come in from the yard with dirty paws or cats who shed fur on the furniture. It is important, however, to keep in mind that many of the conventional cleaning products out there contain harmful chemicals ... Read More

Green Living In the Kitchen

By erinleigh

Going green in the kitchen is a great way to incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle in your home. In fact, your kitchen is likely the main source of waste due to all of the groceries coming in and out, the use of incorrect cooking utensils and inefficient appliances, and the massive amounts of water ... Read More

Clicker Training Your Dog: Benefits of Reward-Based Dog Training

By Jane Warren

Dog training methods have changed substantially over the past several years, and clicker-based positive training is rapidly becoming the most popular method of dog training. Many people wonder how something as simple as clicking a training clicker and giving a dog a treat can end complex behaviors l... Read More

Controlling Fleas On Dogs

By Jane Warren

Flea treatments have come a long way in the last twenty years. No longer do pet owners have to line up at their local pet store for weekly flea dips. Instead, highly effective pet meds such as Frontline ... Read More